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Amazonas records 14% growth in industrial production in December 2021

Amazonas recorded a 14% increase in industrial production in December, compared to November 2021, reversing the -2.1% losses observed in the previous month. The rate is above the national average of 2.9%, recorded between November and December of last year. According to data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), released this Wednesday (02/09), the State has the highest growth among the 15 places surveyed, followed by Goiás (8.8%) and Paraná ( 7.6%).

According to the survey, in the moving average of the quarter ended in December, there was an increase in 11 of the 15 places surveyed compared to the quarter ended in November. In this context, Amazonas was once again the highlight among the most accentuated advances, with an increase of 4.1%, behind only Mato Grosso (8.2%) and ahead of Paraná (2.8%), Goiás (2.4 %), Northeast Region (1.2%) and São Paulo (1.1%).

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