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Amazonas maintains optimism in trade

This is what the local data from Icec (Index of Confidence of Entrepreneurs in Commerce) reveals, a survey by the CNC (National Confederation of Commerce in Goods, Services and Tourism) with 6,000 companies in the country – 164 of which are in Manaus. The indicator registered 122.6 points in Manaus, with values ​​above 100 indicating satisfaction. It was a better mark than February (122.2 points) and 12 months ago (119.7 points). The Brazilian average (118 points) dropped 1.3%, accumulating 1.12% declines in the quarter. But, it remained 13.9% above the level of March 2020 (103.6 points).

Only two of the five Brazilian regions registered a monthly increase in Icec, with emphasis on the North (+0.9%), which also appears with the highest score on the list (124.9 points). Midwest merchants (+0.3% and 121.7 points) were also more optimistic, while Southeast (-2.4% and 116.9 points), South (-1% and 120.3 points) and Northeast (-1% 114.9 points) reduced confidence. On the other hand, all annual variations remained in blue, with the Southeast (+19.9%) and Northeast (+7.7%) at the extremes.

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