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4.0 Industry: 69% of brazilian industries use digital technologies

The brazilian industry is way more digital than 5 years ago. If in 2016 was less than 48% of companies using digital technology, in 2021 these numbers raised up to 69% as the special industry survey shows (CNI). This survey was made taking a thousand companies, the research sought to investigate the advance in the use of digital technologies of the so-called industry 4.0, which provides the digitalization of industrial production to integrate value chains, from product development to final use.

The special industry 4.0 survey identified the adoption of 18 types of digital technologies by companies and its use in different stages of industrial chains (in 2016 were 10 technologies listed. Among the main benefits recognized in the adoption of digital technologies is the increase in productivity, the improvement of product quality, and decrease in production costs.

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