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There are several benefits that the State offers for those who wish to invest in Amazonas and we’re always available to serve you in an efficient and free-of-charge way.

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In case your business is seeking financial support, take a look at one of the available resources: Bank of Amazon (BASA), State of Amazonas Funding Agency (AFEAM), National Bank of Development (BNDS) and the Amazon Development Superintendency (SUDAM).

Office Hours

Wilson Miranda Lima

Governor of the State of Amazonas

Carlos Almeida Filho

Deputy Governor of the State of Amazonas

Flávio Cordeiro Antony Filho

Chief Secretary of the Civil House

Jório de Albuquerque Veiga Filho

State Secretary for Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation - SEDECTI

Josicleia Gomes de Nogueira

State Secretary for Social Communication - SECOM

Alex Del Giglio

State Secretary for Finance - SEFAZ

Marco Apolo Muniz de Araújo

State Secretary for Culture and Creative Economy - SEC

Carlos Henrique dos Reis Lima

State Secretary for Infrastructure and the Metropolitan Region of Manaus - SEINFRA

Eduardo Costa Taveira

State Secretary for the Environment - SEMA

Petrúcio Pereira de Magalhães Júnior

State Secretary for Rural Production - SEPROR

Sérgio Litaiff Filho

Chief Executive Officer of the State Tourism Company - AMAZONASTUR

Juliano Marcos Valente de Souza

Chief Executive Officer of the Amazonas Environmental Protection Institute - IPAAM

Antônio Aluízio Brasil Barbosa Ferreira

Chief Executive Officer of the Amazonas State Development Company - CIAMA